I am married to a wonderful man who enjoys cooking (more than I do). We have a sweet little boy who is becoming quite a character and we affectionately call him Turducken or Padoodle. We live on a small lot that has room for a nice garden, but not much more. It also has 2 apple trees. yum. I am still learning all the ropes that come with housekeeping and homemaking and wifing and mothering and gardening. still having cooking failures and such. I love taking care of my loveys and in my mind I run a much more immaculate home than I do in real life. I will share my flubs and minor accomplishments along the way and hope that someday I’ll have it all together. i am a pinaholic (love pinterest) and enjoy writing and painting. my dream accomplishment is to write and illustrate children’s books that have deep life lessons. (I took a writing course.) oh and I want to take a cooking course and a french pastry course. not professional, just personal use.  I hope you enjoy this blog


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