Help Mama-Save Baby

I have about five articles in my head that I really need to write. The planned Parenthood drama is really on my mind. It makes me sad, for the babies, for the momma’s, and yes, for the doctor’s and vendors too. These are the people who bring the human race to the level equivalent to animals. Maybe even lower than that. I am a bible believing Christian. By that, I mean I believe the whole of it. Not just bits and pieces to suit my taste, but everything. I believe we are eternal beings, we are loved by our creator, and there is life after death. There is a spiritual realm not seen on earth. But we see the effects it has on humanity, evidenced by the constant struggle between right and wrong. We see the obvious order by which our world was created, and we see the chaos, stirred in by that wiry devastator, trying to bring us all down, down to the destruction that awaits him. Are we merely victims or do we choose our path? Are we choosing the right thing, the way God created things to be, before the fall of man, or are we choosing the things that are wrong, introduced into the world by the angel Lucifer, who is trying to eradicate any goodness there may be found from the face of the earth. Regardless of what we choose to do, have our babies, love our babies, kill our babies, sell our babies or dissect our babies, there is only one answer, and that is to turn to Jesus. Jesus offers hope to everyone involved. We cannot undo the awfulness that has happened and is still happening. But we can be proactive in providing the alternative choice to these women who teeter on the edge of abortion. I have made an outline of what I think would offer Hope, first to our community, then possibly to the nation. It only takes a spark to brighten your corner.   I call it…


Purpose: to do our part to prevent abortions, by offering struggling mothers support and training to keep their children. Figure out the why. Why is abortion so common? Why do we not want children? I suspect every person who aborts her young has a different reason. Whether its fear, selfishness, playing martyr, or forced by other people in her life or any other reason we may find. We need to get to the bottom of it and remove the excuse.

Who: women of faith, teaching classes, providing resources and help to mothers.  Our local community is full of compassionate women. There are so many hidden trials and victories that occur as a child grows. Personally, I would enjoy having a place to go learn parenting techniques, close enough to home that you don’t need to travel, small enough, so all in attendance get a chance to ask questions. Not everyone grows up knowing how to be a mom. Not everyone has a super example of loving parenting. Not everyone knows simple domestic tasks. How wonderful it would be, rather than take it for granted that every one grew up with our good fortunes and heritage, if we could compassionately pass on our expertise to those less seasoned. Remember, knowledge is what we learn from our own experiences, wisdom is the truth we see in the experience and example of others. Make some one wise, share your knowledge.  

What: A program of weekly classes during pregnancy, support during birth, domestic assistance during the Post partum period. Also optional classes that pertaineth to raising children, homemaking, organizing, cooking, nutrition and such.  These classes would be open to any girl or woman interested. A bit like a little college that would teach women who desire to be keepers at home, but do not really know how. It has become so expected for young women to pursue careers, we don’t bother teaching them to live peacefully at home with their children and\or husbands should they choose to do so. There is more work to running a household than what meets the eye. There may also be some who know all things about running a household, yet have no idea how to live peacefully with her husband, or children or family or anybody. A person who is habitually difficult with those around them will be left with a much smaller support group in their natural (familial) setting.

Support: Baby clothes and gear by donation, thrift store open to public with the proceeds supporting the ministry. Mothers who enroll in the program and choose to keep their babies, would receive a voucher to the store for 50 cent(or 50% off) clothes and discounted baby gear to use up to one year, and a bundle of blankets, suits, and socks. Having a boy and a girl, the piles of clothes get quite large. They go through it so fast, I’m tempted to open a baby clothes storage place that operates like a library. There is no shortage of baby gear and clothes.

Where: starting with your church in any small way, then EVERYWHERE!!

additional: I’m a big believer in enabling mothers to keep their babies. I think that should be first priority. However, inevitably there would be times when it may not work out. There are families willing to adopt. And  adoption is also a beautiful thing.

So that was just my idea of older women teaching younger women and younger women with children also being an example of loving caring mothers. A whole community working together to make a difference in the lives of mother’s and children.

Embracing life as a gift from God, and nurturing a life to be a blessing to others…

So, can you see the HOPE?! We can DO things to make a difference! Let’s not sit on our hands while we cry for these unborn babies. I hope you will be inspired.DSCN7849

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