HOT Chocolate…

Ever smell something that sends you back in time, conjures images of days gone by? Taste something that makes your mouth water for something specific? Like Dominican bread you can buy for a peso or two. Singing Christmas carols in the middle of the night from the back of a pickup with every bit of 15-20 people on board. Sometimes piling off of the truck and walking up the Pata Susia (dirty feet) hill to sing for a sister in the church. Landing back in someones home for a cup of hot chocolate and pan (bread) dominicano to dip in  your hot chocolate. The evening, starting out with excitement, well wishing, singing, walking, riding,  fun banter among the carolers, someone singing off key, or starting the wrong version of ‘wish you a merry Christmas’, winds down to  gentle conversations, soft guitar strumming and the occasional random guffaw as hot chocolate is served.


So after the little one sleeps, big one interrupts my settling down and arranging and fluffing of the pillows with a random question. ‘Do you want some hot chocolate?’ ‘Suure’ I say with a somewhat doubting syllable in the sure. A little later I hear  the clang of pan and whisk exiting the comforts of the cupboards. PERK go my ears, and next thing I know I am sitting up, throwing my feet out of bed, demanding they carry me to the scene most divine. The man in his boxers with a whisk in hand, concocting and mixing and tasting. I observed as he added milk to the pan, a little cream, cocoa powder, what! No sugar! Sweetened condensed milk will work. Chocolate chips, just a few, and oh what a brew! (I’m not a poet, so the rhyme is an extra treat.)  The aroma wafted up and literally smacked my brain.In that instance I could smell, hear and feel moments that happened long ago. Pleasant moments that drew me in, made me nostalgic, and seriously miss a bread! The texture of it. So I told my husband of my memories as he whisked and poured me a rich hot chocolate.


And then, I took an awful picture, capturing the moment, me sipping the chocolate, the kombucha brewing, the french press awaiting a wash, the dishes that were too lazy to go home and opted to spend the night in the drainer. Yeah.. o wait, I almost forgot about the absurd urge to write about it. I did that, too.

Note: the hot chocolate that was made in the Dominican Republic was made using grated, raw cacao, sugar, milk, and possibly other spices. By using the cocoa powder, and heating the milk, the smell was pretty much the same. The premixed hot chocolate does not smell or taste  the same, just in case you were wondering how looney i must be to be so thrown back by something as simple as hot chocolate.

Have a happy moment, wherever you are 🙂

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