Sensory Play!

While googling on pinterest (piggling) for things to do with your toddler, I came across some interesting ideas for sensory play.  So after searching for the perfect toys from the toy box, I made some jello and neatly arranged the toys in it and put it in the fridge. After a nice sunday after noon nap, we get out the sensory box.


However, sensory play is not for everyone. I should have known, since this is the little boy who comes running for mom when his hands are the slightest bit dirty. After pushing the toys around by the clean parts of them, I finally offered him a spoon. He had a little fun glopping the jello with the spoon. (The pie plate is there to make it look like I was just casually observing. Which I was, til the pie was gone…) after a little bit, I took the spoon, and he went back to gingerly moving things with the tips of his fingers.


And wiping his hands on his shirt as soon as they got a bit gooey. 


I, on the other hand, discovered hidden treasure. And recued an old angry pirate from the goo pit, restoring him and his loot back to the high seas (aka toybox).




While I had fun, lil jack prefers to keep his hands clean and practice his golf swing. And he has really been intrigued with his books lately.  He’s such a wonderful child.

This blog is not to discredit ‘sensory play’ ideas. Most of them are brilliant if not a bit messy. My son seeks out his own sensory play most days, and I can normally show him the intended use for the items he chooses. He has his own spritz bottle with water and loves when I give him a rag, he walks around spraying and wiping. He knows how to use it. But now, if I take him to a church function, chances are that I will not put jello on his plate, because for him, it is a play thing, not food.


Something as simple as emptying a tissue box is sensory play in my book.

And this is my kinda creative play. They were camping, complete with the pull behind car. It doesn’t get much better than that! Good day folks!


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