I love eating chips. Doritos and Kettle Brand are probly my favorite. First off, I have to say this. After my last post about eating healthy, I totally fell off the turnip wagon and rolled all the way to the bottom of the hill and landed in the pig feed where I have been feasting on awesome brownies by the Brown eyed baker . I do have my personal reasons, which I wasn’t planning to share, but it has something to do with (food) texture issues.
  Anyway, back to chips. When I eat real potato chips, I tend to get a real buzz. Its almost worse than candy.  If you are following the Trim Healthy lifestyle, you will know they have several chip alternatives. There are the Just-like-wheat-thins from the book, which I do like occasionally, but feel like I need to eat the whole batch because they do not keep for very long. Also the baked pitas and lavash breads. And zucchini chips and other vegetables made crispy by some method. All are very good, but not all are crunchy like chips and not all keep thier crispness more than a day.
  In an attempt to get back on track, I decided to make myself a ‘healthier’ snack. We just got back from a weekend away and have very little to eat in the house.
Normally when I make the chips using Joseph`s lavash bread, I spray a pan with a little oil, lay out my cut pieces,  spray those with a little oil, then sprinkle salt and pepper and anything else that I might want on top and bake at 350 til browned. Usually they turn out okay. Nothing too grand. 


This last time I made them, I was impressed with how they turned out, and decided if I feed my kids chips someday, they shall be made like this.

I used a whole bag of lavash bread. I filled a small bowl with water. In another bowl, I mixed about a half cup of parmesan cheese, pinch of salt and pepper,(note: I forgot parmesan is so salty, so you may not want to add salt.) And about one and a half teaspoons of nacho cheese powder that I get from Azure Standard.
Preheat the oven to 350° then cut the lavash breads into pretty little triangles. If you are doing portion control, at this point you will want to note how many triangles you get from one serving. After I lightly spray a pan with oil, I gingerly dip the triangles in the water, give them a little doggy shake then coat them on both sides with the parmesan mixture, again shaking off the excess. Arrange them neatly in the pan and bake them til they are slightly browned, allow to cool, then chomp chomp. Hopefully they turn out great for you.


For a dip, I plugged about half of a container of cottage cheese into the blender til smooth-ish and seasoned it with dry ranch dressing mix. I actually felt pretty good about my snack.


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