Way down south in the mountains of Honduras, there is a little breakfast stand. It was here, five years ago, I was introduced to a wonderful breakfast food. Baleadas. bah-lay-ah-das. I don’t know much about the country, I was there only 10 days. but the food…mmmhm. Very memorable. I have some lovely photos of this trip. I will tell you more about it.

There were about 10 people on the trip. The work mission of the work group was to build a house for a family in need of one and spread the Word of God’s abiding love. The latter part is more difficult in another language, so we gave to the needy, spent time with the children, visited various homes and gave out free flip flops. Small things, really. honduras09 140 honduras09 134I was intrigued by this cute chicken coup we saw one afternoon while visiting a small village.  At one place we visited, there were four generation of women all living in houses close to each other. honduras09 231

While the men did all the heavy work at the construction site, we ladies were free to do other things, like visiting in homes, cooking breakfast and evening meals, and laundry as needed. But don’t think we copped out of the work! We put a few nails in!honduras09 243 honduras09 245

(I hate to say it, but it looks like they are working on the same one.) honduras09 182

honduras09 147We went to the pool at at local hotel one day. Imagine our dismay when we turned the corner and saw this.

honduras09 219Due to the water in the lake rising when it rained, they filled this pool in with dirt.  It makes a cute little yard. there was a refreshing pool with clear water at a higher level. We spent the afternoon in the sun after all.

The neighborhood children loved to get in on all the action and were as helpful as could be.honduras09 184 They entertained themselves by the job site. They played in the shade and kept an eye on progress.

honduras09 145

An afternoon game of street ball with the gringas proved entertaining as well.

(The house in the background is the one the team built)

honduras09 252

honduras09 207These gentlemen are almost identical. I’m assuming they are brothers. They both lived in the area. It wasn’t until later in the week we realized they were two different people.

I suppose I should be more honest about who did most of the work. It looks like the women did, right?

honduras09 288


honduras09 251

These are a few

honduras09 346 honduras09 247

of the hardworking men that ate the popsicles

that lay in the house that the women built.

(I just can’t get that right for some reason. Writers block?)

So on the way to the job, we had to ride a bus. While we waited for the bus in the morning,

we ate baleadas.

honduras09 154

After the first taste, we didn’t make our own breakfast anymore. We just wanted baleadas.

 Learn about baleadas here.

Fast forward five years. With extra weight circling my middle, preying on my figure,

I have joined the battle of the bulge. But not just any battle. and not just against bulge.

Trim Healthy Mama is about more than just weight loss, its about being healthy,

and able to enjoy life and food as God intended. Pure, without guilt and shame.

Thus I bring you, the


  what you need-

1 Joseph’s pita, Lavash, or low carb tortilla per serving.

less than 1/4 cup re-fried beans

2-3 egg whites (or southwestern egg beaters)  chicken or beef can also be used as protein. (I’m not a porky person but feel free to ham it up if you like.)

a sprinkle of part skim mozzarella, (optional)

salsa,( optional)

 what you do-

Mmm get your protein warmed up. ( Fry eggs or use leftover meat. Its too early to make it complicated.)

Lay the wrap on the plate.  Spread some re-fried beans on the wrap. ( I use canned. or leftover) (I also lay it on cold, the eggs warm it up.)

Sprinkle some skim mozzy, lay a few eggs on it, wrap it up and thank the Lord for all the goodness in that healthy wrap.

  Traditional baleadas also get a dab of sour cream, but since this is an E meal with the beans, we’ll leave the sour cream in the fridge. Unless you wanna saute some onions and mushrooms and bell peppers and omit the beans for an S meal.  I use pita’s for almost every sandwich or wrap I make.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy blog.  If you are interested in learning more about the mission

trip and the initiator,  or to donate, contact me via Facebook or email and I will be happy to put you in touch.

(this man does this on his own steam, at his own expense. He also has a bicycle program if you have bikes to give)honduras09 304