Rest on Your Laurels

I’ve been watching The Forsyte Saga. I think it falls in the ‘british drama’ category. These types of series are amazingly realistic, capturing so many small details and emotions that are missed in fast paced movies. some times they are just so sad, alot are based on ancient writings or real happenings. They tend to make me more grateful for life and what I have.

One particular incident in this episode made a big impression on me and I’ve been thinking on it ever since.

Dartie, a Forsyte in-law, is gambling and showing off for some women. He has won a big stash, looks like it was probly more than he had his entire life maybe? So what does he do? 

“What say we go the whole hog?”




Cousin George standing there knows his situation, and advises him to ‘rest on his laurels.'(spoiler alert) he goes ‘the whole hog’

and loses everything.


So I’ve been thinking about that phrase ‘rest on your laurels.’ (probably over-thinking it)  It is so easy to be careless with what we have. We often think we need more. How many times do we lose what we already have because we are constantly searching for that slight chance that ‘this next time, I’ll win it all.’  

That verse- having food and clothing, let us then be content. Too often i think this is impossible. Yet I’ve seen people live this way and very possibly have a higher quality of life. They are not bogged down with responsibility for all their possessions. 

Yeah, i’d like a bigger house, a beach vacation (every weekend) and all kinds of things. Since I’ve been thinking about it, I reallize that all my needs are met and I have it very nice. 


So people, rest on your laurels. If you have lots of things and can afford them, enjoy them.

Enjoy the small things in life, too

Enjoy the people around you. your mom. your dad. your friends. your children.

Don’t gamble your life away. THINK- this next venture may gain you mucho dinero, but what is it really gonna cost ya?


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