Welcome to Hooray For the Turtle

I’m Lisa. I’m the turtle. 

    ImageOnce upon a time, in the sleepy town of Juan Adrian, my sister sent me on an errand.

‘Go to Gloria’s house and see if you can borrow a cupcake tin.’

So i set off at a nice clip. Round trip should only take me about 20-30 min. Past 

the neighbors, the little colmado, a good friends gramma’s house, 

a catholic church, the cruze, the market, chuvina’s house, then finally,

Gloria’s house.

I made it in good time, it was probably 10 am. Got the cupcake tin and made a lil chit-chat with Gloria. Now- Return home.

Chuvina was on her porch. I wave and ask how she is doing. As is custom, she replies with

many details. Not been feeling well, worried about a relative in the states, taking a breather

from preparing lunch in the hot kitchen.

I move on.

Passing the market, i see a friend from further out of town, so i gotta say hey!

Hugs and greetings, small talk, move on. I see people on the street, some I know,

some I don’t. Franeiri was visiting her gramma, Pancho was working in the colmado

on the corner, Negra was sweeping the sidewalks.  

After about 2 hours of walking and talking, i made it home. I give my sister the cupcake tin and she says ‘Hooray for the turtle! She got the tin!’

that’s me. Thats how i function. So this blog is for me and those like me, who are sometimes

very unmotivated. (and others who are not so unmotivated, everyone welcome.) My goal is to encourage others to have their ‘hooray for the turtle’ moments. I’ll be posting mine. 🙂 






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